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Manual and fully automatic image measuring instruments are i
Automatic image measuring instrument, the manual price can not be compared to it, a manual instrument, its price is only tens of thousands, and the price of automatic image measuring instrument is hundreds of thousands, so the manual machine There is no advantage in this regard. We compare the performance of the two. The manual and automatic image measuring instruments operate differently, so the performance is also different. The manual machine is artificially operated. The automatic image measuring instrument is based on the CCD photography technology to realize the measurement. In order to obtain high-quality images that are easy to process, it is necessary to use the light source to illuminate it, so that the contour shape of the parts in the captured image can be more clear, and the image processing can be performed. Improve the accuracy and help to obtain higher measurement accuracy.
The light source is an integral part of a fully automated image measuring instrument. Its light source is generally composed of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and the different arrangement and density of the LEDs can constitute different light sources. With the development and wide application of measurement technology, the light source of the automatic image measuring instrument is gradually developing in the direction of multi-channel control. According to the actual demand of the workpiece measurement, the program selects the single or multi-channel illumination of the light source to achieve the best. Measurement effect, fully automatic imager should be placed in a clean and dry room (room temperature 20 °C ± 5 °C, humidity 60%, to avoid mold mildew, metal parts rust, debris falling into the instrument, affecting system imaging quality and instrumentation Measurement accuracy.
Therefore, a large error will occur during the detection process, so the accuracy of the manual detection will be inferior to that of the automatic image measuring instrument. Since the manual machine needs manual control, its detection efficiency is also compared with that of the automatic machine. A big gap cannot meet the needs of a large number of customers.